Why Norosud?


Norosud believes that nice designs do not necessarily mean high prices.

Norosud talented designers imagine stylish and functional furniture for Western & Middle Eastern markets. They match market trends and Production capabilities from Europe and Asia.

Norosud produces its own collections based on regular contacts with customers and careful analysis of the market, trend & culture.

Norosud also welcomes customer's request to transform good ideas and trends into stylish yet affordable furniture.


Norosud has over 11 years experience in Sourcing in Asia. This long-lasting network guarantees fast and efficient product developments realized with reliable partners.

Norosud does not limit itself to Asia. We also thrive to bring our customers the best value depending on their interests by creating partnerships in Eastern Europe.


Quality Control

Norosud has implemented strict policy and actions in terms of quality control. Each and every order is checked by experienced and independent Inspectors.

Norosud has an internal performant system for inspection reports and corrective actions when necessary. Upon request we openly share those records with customers.

Norosud does not only implement strict quality requirements but also makes sure the productions are run in an acceptable social environment both legally and ethically.


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Our clients


Julien Mevel

Julien Mevel

I believe business is all about service efficiency, good network & strong ethical values.

The main motive of Norosud is to create beautiful, functional items & work with customers on the long term. These Values are essential to me and must also be carried by the brand, the team, and all the partners.